sound-recordist & co-writer

Xan worked as a live music engineer and video editor before moving to London to study at the National Film and Television School where he met and started collaborating with Kristof Bilsen.

Xan has worked in fiction films, television projects and documentaries - his main line of work, in Spain, United Kingdom, DR Congo and Argentina. He was the sound-recordist and compagnon-de-route on Elephant’s Dream and creative collaborator.  

Originally from Galicia in Northern Spain, he worked extensively as a sound recordist in film and television in UK before relocating with his family to Tokyo.



Marko Milovanovic is a Serbian cinematographer based in Belgrade and Bangkok.

He graduated from the Faculty of Drama Arts at the Camera Department in Belgrade, Serbia. He has been working as a cinematographer and camera operator for over 5 years, mostly on documentaries, fiction, TV series, music videos, and TV commercials. He focuses mostly on the documentary style of making images.



Maarten Janssens (BE) is an award-winning editor with experience in commercial, film and documentary work. 
Over the years he has had the chance to collaborate with renowned directors as well as emerging talents from all over the world.

The selection of his projects, wether these are big commercial projects, indie features or small scale short films, enables him to learn from and communicate with filmmakers and clients from all walks of life and with different perspectives.
This variety is what he believes makes him a more complete editor and better storyteller.

sound designer/ re-recording mixer

Hugo Dijkstal (NL), educated as a documentary filmmaker. He has worked as a sound designer in the Dutch documentary and art scene for the past 20 years. 

He has worked together with many influential artists and directors (John Appel, Heddy Honingman a.o.), creating hundreds of soundscapes for television, film and video installations. 



Kyle Bobby Dunn (CAN) is a composer, arranger, and live performer of modern compositional and guitar based drone music. His work has been described as music that often "captures a mood somewhere between sadness and strength; it's the sound of a respite that occurs after having survived an ordeal; it's sound as memory, as memorial."

The austere, tempered tonal shifts featured in many of his compositions subtly echo the work of minimalist forerunners like Morton Feldman and LaMonte Young. At the same time Dunn occasionally intersperses quaint, almost chamberal touches which evoke more traditional classical sources.

local producer


Noi is a local producer with a great curiosity and extraordinary social and logistical skills, which she developed by running a guest house in Chiang Mai for several years. 
As she met and still meets people from all walks of life and being fluent in English and Thai, she found herself in various capacities, such as guest organiser, ecologic volunteer, interpreter and much more.