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MOTHER is available online on VIMEO (limited territories).

It is available there with English/Dutch/French subtitles both as rental and buy.

Other languages (Thai/Russian/Chinese/German/Spanish/Portuguese/Arabic) are available there too.

Verve Pictures handles the UK release: the DVD is out & on VOD starting Jan 11th.

Educational sales:

Via Video Project, you can purchase the Educational DVD & Digital Site License.

Other territories:

The Netherlands: CINETREE

Belgium: regarder/bekijk hem op Sooner

Japan: Asian Docs アジアンドキュメンタリーズ配信「母

同是天涯照顧人 Hong Kong via PCCW Now Player 

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MOTHER is available with 10 subtitle tracks:(English/Dutch/French/Thai/Russian/Chinese/German/Spanish/Portuguese/Arabic)

and with several extra's (Trailer/Q&A with director Kristof Bilsen and executive producer Kirsten Johnson at DOCNYC 2019/short 7 mins doc)

The DVD is region free and offers both stereo and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound.

Price for private use: € 15 + shipping/handling costs incl. 21% VAT.

Shipping and handlings costs:

Belgium: € 4

Europe:  € 6

All other territories: € 8

Payment is possible via bank transfer or PayPal.

Send us an email and we'll get back with the costs - as soon as we receive payment, we will ship the DVD.

NOTE: this DVD is for private use only.

If you would be interested to acquire one for your institution or organization, Purchase Educational DVD & Digital Site License Here at Video Project.


DVD PAL - region free

82 mins.

Stereo 2.0 & Dolby 5.1

Dialogues: Thai, English, Swiss-German


Extra's (English only): Trailer - Q&A DOCNYC 2019 - 7 mins. short doc

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